Work Innovation Group is always looking for new innovative technology to reduce the time and cost of management and has implemented a new system of cleaning photovoltaic plants with the use of manual, automatic and semiautomatic equipments with osmotic water usage, which ensure greater yield of your plants.

Our machines equipped with a patented mechanical device can be used on ground systems, warehouses and industrial roofing both flap than shed and for any other type of coverage.



Cleaning photovoltaic systems on industrial roofs

Cleaning photovoltaic systems on FARMS, GREENHOUSES, canopies AND ground INSTALLATIONS



Sea - Lakes - Cave


Effective interventions, fast and cheap


The Phenomenon Of reverse OSMOSIS

and other technologies on membrane


The reverse osmosis is the separation of a component of a solution from another component in the same solution by means of a pressure exerted on a semipermeable membrane.

The porosity of the membranes used in reverse osmosis can vary from 4 to 100 Angstroms (from 0,0004 to 0,0010 micron).

The removal of salts is possible until 99,6%, the removal of many organic materials until 100%.

The name reverse osmosis is derived from the natural phenomenon of osmosis that provides water to the leaves of the trees and to the cells of living beings.

The normal osmosis takes place when the water goes from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution across a semipermeable membrane.

A certain potential energy exists between the two solutions on each side of the membrane. The difference of potential energy between any solution and the pure water is called osmotic pressure. The water moves from one solution to another thanks to the electrochemical potential difference between the two solutions. The passage ends when it reaches the equilibrium that is when the two solutions have the same electrochemical potential or osmotic pressure. When a higher pressure than the osmotic ones is applied to the more concentrated solution, the water begins to flow from the less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution.

The flow of water depends on the osmotic pressure and on the membrane area that is under pressure. Organics are not ionic and therefore are not involved in the phenomenon of reverse osmosi. The passage of the latter through semipermeable membranes takes place solely on the basis of their molecular size compared to membrane porosity, then the molecules of organic products are separated from the water or other solvent for a simple sieving effect. Ultrafiltration and microfiltration machines are basically molecular separator.




The true story of the loss of energy


It is possible to experience a significant reduction in energy efficiency up to 20/25% after some years, mainly because of contamination by pollution of photovoltaic panels, which manifests itself gradually, although rinsing made rain. Depending on the place where the plant is installed, from the angle of incidence and type of module, a periodic cleaning of the modules can be useful to prevent the reduction of the energy performance. The chart below indicates the value in kw, the energy efficiency of the PV array decreases initially slowly, than faster and faster, due to increased contamination of photovoltaic panels in the bottom edges of the frames.





Scheduled preventive

Depending on customer requirements, we can perform:

- standard maintenance program

- intensive maintenance program

Maintenance operations include all necessary work depending on the size of the plant and other specialties. Standard service runs every 6 months while the intensive one with monthly checks.

Routine inspection

Extraordinary half-yearly inspection

Extraordinary annual inspection




Corrective maintenance repair or restoration is in the 24 hours following reporting es. tempered fences, damaged panels, theft, vandalism and malfunctions.

The staff can be found 24/7 also on holidays.




to complement the cleaning of photovoltaic panels


- Tightening bolts and control the structure of the panels.

- Labour supply, assembly of panels structures, uploading and unloading vehicles.

- Interventions of deratization with topicide bait placement both in ground sites than on industrial roofs.

- Unarmed security service (night and day) in the sites under construction.

- Creating perimeter security fencing.

- Shoveling snow from plants.

- Cutting and maintenance of the turf under the ground system and cleaning up sites.

- Earth moving and building excavations.

- Maintenance of road flooring.

- Tank trucks for transporting water, supply the appropriate aqueducts.


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